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Bob'S Fart by SydTheStrange Bob'S Fart by SydTheStrange

Of course when I decided to post something good for my art it backfires. First the drawing is to big, which never happens, then when I hit re fresh the deadline is over and it's not even 11:59 (Today) obviously this is what I was gonna submit but with out the watermark

High School AU

Tina the Junior- I wanted to keep up with the shirt and skirt method she has a child just this time a long skirt. With her glasses, in my mind I felt that she would be that person to get the librarian glasses and feels cool with them. I was originally going to give her a book but I felt since she isn’t a book worm I though a phone would be better. 

Gene the Sophmore- He’s constantly listening to his own music and some songs that inspire him. His look was based off of a beach bum yet still dresses like he’s clean. Now that he is a professional pianist  he feels the need to wear a “fancy tie,” which is the colors and look of his keyboard.  

Louis the freshman - Since its been canon that lois could possibly be the one to take over the family business, I wanted her to have her Mothers apron but growing up she did a lot of disguting things so I felt a messy apron with a slim drip sweater would match her personality of wild and sometimes gross

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March 13
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